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Wears Freedom

Divided we fall

We are one nation under God. As evil tightens its grip it may seem we are crumbling and coming into a state of submission. During such times, we need to rise up and find our strength.  Find that fighting spirit within you and bring courage to those around you. Do not allow divisions to happen between you and your fellow men. Hold to what you know is right and stand as one nation under God.  We are stronger than any realize.

You are not alone in this battle

When it seems that things are too much to bear remember Christ. He loved each of us enough to pay for our souls with his blood. He hasn't forsaken us then and he hasn't now. Don't give up! Stay Strong. Prepare your bodies mentally, physically and spiritually. Remember you can always call upon the Lord for strength.

Supporting our freedom

Now, more than ever, people look for inspiration. Showing others that you support their freedom can help them overcome their own fears and obstacles. We created our shirts to bring hope to everyone, and remind us what's most important.

Share the message of truth on what you wear!

Stay United & Strong